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About indiaChains

indiaChains is a global, one-hop online resource platform for emerging technologies which will initially be focused on Blockchain technology and its ecosystem in India.

As a global platform, indiaChains will be an enabler to create, curate, contribute and disseminate content related to emerging, powerful, foundational and transformative technologies. A multi-channel strategy will be deployed for this online platform, which will include premium articles, news feeds, chat, discussion forums, Blockchain-related events such as lecture series, conferences and panel discussions. indiaChains will also bring to the fore opportunities for learning, teaching, application development, internships, apprenticeships and investment in startup and early-stage companies.

Our Team

Rohit Sharma

Co - Founder
A mathematician at heart, Rohit is a junior in Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Gandhinagar. From Music to Table-Tennis, from Competitive Programming to Cryptography and Blockchain, he is involved in multiple activities.

Sammed S Kagi

Co - Founder

Sammed is a junior undergraduate in Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Gandhinagar. He likes Deep Learning, Blockchain, Dramatics and talking to people. Known for his calm nature and solid ethics, Sammed brings in invaluable Technological Knowledge.

Manas Bedmutha

Co - Founder

A junior undergraduate in Electrical Engineering at IIT Gandhinagar, Manas looks to solve real world problems through technological solutions. He is involved with and has headed multiple extra curricular activities in IIT Gandhinagar and wishes to be a unicorn founder soon.

Smeet Vora

Co - Founder
Smeet is a Junior Undergraduate at IIT Gandhinagar in Computer Science and Engineering. With a great acumen in operations and amazing knowledge of Finance, he is everyone’s go to person for anything and everything. He wishes to be a serial entrepreneur.

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