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indiaChains Coin-a-Thon™ : Problem Statement Released

Coin-a-Thon™ About: If you are an expert or beginner with interest in Cryptos or other blockchain projects then indiaChains Coin-A-Thon is the event you really don’t want to miss. You will have… ReadMe

RevoKind – Whitepaper

REVOVERSE The entire Internet reborn into a 3D environment that combines blockchain, artificial intelligence, and neural networking into an advanced decentralized spatial universe. With this aim comes RevoKind headed by… ReadMe

Exploring the blockchain technology beyond Cryptocurrencies

Blockchain has been on every tongue ever since the Bitcoin boom a year back. The buzz has been on the rise since then. People buy, sell or “hodl” (a common… ReadMe

ICO Saptapadi- The Seven Steps of an ICO

What is an ICO? With the recent ‘pentathonic’ surge in interest in cryptocurrencies and their foundational technology, Blockchain, many startup companies in this space have sprouted all over the world.… ReadMe

The 3 D’s of Blockchain

With the newspapers and apps flashing daily news on blockchain related startups, the technology, and its future, one keeps wondering what all the fuss is all about. Blockchain sounds like… ReadMe

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